Traffic Challan/Vahan Parivahan Fraud: Stay Safe

A new type of scam targeting vehicle owners and drivers has emerged recently. This scam can be termed as "Vahan Parivahan Fraud." In this scam, you receive an .APK file via WhatsApp along with an SMS informing you about a traffic violation against your vehicle. Let’s understand this fraud and learn how to protect ourselves from it.

How the Scam Works:

1.Receiving an .APK File on WhatsApp:

You receive an .APK file on WhatsApp, which you are asked to install.

2.SMS Message:

You receive an SMS stating:

Dear Vehicle Owner/Driver,
We regret to inform you that a traffic violation has been recorded against your vehicle.
Challan No: 
Violation Date: 04-26-2024
Vehicle No: 
To verify and view evidence related to this violation, please access the Vahan Parivahan mobile application. This application will provide you with detailed information, including photographic evidence of the violation.
Yours sincerely,
Regional Transport Office in Ahmedabad (RTO), Gujarat.

3.Installing the Application and Granting SMS Permissions:

You are prompted to install the .APK file and grant the application SMS permissions.

4.Accessing OTP and Debiting Money from Your Account:

The application can access your OTPs and use them to debit money from your bank account.

Safety Tips:

1.Do Not Install .APK Files Received on WhatsApp:

Never install .APK files received via WhatsApp or any other source unless you can verify their authenticity.

2.Read Permissions Before Installing Applications:

Always read the permissions requested by an application before installing it. If an app asks for unnecessary permissions, do not install it.

3.Keep Google Play Protection On:

Ensure Google Play Protection is enabled on your mobile device to safeguard against potentially harmful applications.

4.Install Anti-Spy/M Kavach 2 Applications and Scan:

Install anti-spy/M kavach2 applications on your mobile and regularly scan all applications. Remove any applications that have unnecessary SMS permissions.



Remember, these small security measures can protect you and your financial resources from significant threats. Stay vigilant and avoid installing applications from unknown sources.
Stay Safe!

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