Report Suspicious URL Numbers and Emails on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

In an era where cybercrime is on the rise, individuals play a crucial role in combating online threats by reporting suspicious activities. The National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal is a powerful tool that enables citizens to contribute to the prevention of cybercrime. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on reporting various elements, such as Website URLs, Whatsapp Numbers, Phone Numbers, Email IDs, SMS Headers/Numbers, and Social Media URLs.

How to Report on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal:

Step 1: Open the Website

Visit the official website to initiate the reporting process.

Step 2: Select Suspect Data in the Main Menu

Navigate to the main menu and choose the "Suspect Data" option.

Step 3: Report Suspect Page

Access the "Report Suspect" page to start filing your complaint.

Step 4: Select State of Incident

Specify the state where the cybercrime incident occurred.

Step 5: What Do You Want to Report?

Choose the type of report you wish to file. For example, if it's a Website URL, select "Website URL."
Example - Reporting a Website URL:
- Enter the Website URL.
- Attach supporting evidence like screenshots (up to 5 MB).
- Provide a brief description (max 500 characters).

Step 6: Enter Captcha and Submit

Complete the submission by entering the Captcha and clicking the "Submit" button.

Suspect Search - Strengthening Cybersecurity

This repository of suspect identifiers is a result of multiple citizen complaints filed on the portal. You can perform a suspect search to enhance cybersecurity.

Steps for Suspect Search:

1. Select the search option (Mobile, Email, Bank Account Number, Social Media, UPI ID).
2. Enter the relevant information (e.g., Mobile Number).
3. Enter the Captcha and proceed with the search.


The Indian Cybercrime Coordination Center (I4C) emphasizes that authenticity is subject to local police investigation. While this database aids in identifying suspects, there may be cybercriminals outside its scope. Users with disputes regarding particular identifiers can contact

Empower yourself to make cyberspace safer by actively participating in the fight against cybercrime. Reporting on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal is a vital step in ensuring a secure online environment for all.

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