Problem: Big bug in WhatsApp, accounts are getting logged out automatically, turn on this feature immediately

Users worldwide are facing a critical bug in WhatsApp that leads to automatic logouts from phones and desktops. The alarming aspect is the absence of the mandatory 6-digit OTP upon re-login, posing a severe threat to account security.

Bug Reports:

Social media platforms are flooded with complaints about this bug affecting WhatsApp users. The issue transcends platforms, impacting Android, iOS, and web users alike.

Meta-owned WhatsApp Bug:

   News circulates about a major bug in Meta-owned WhatsApp, causing frequent and unexpected logouts. Users, including ourselves, have encountered this issue, raising concerns about the security of personal accounts.

Unusual Login Procedure:

What makes this bug even more perplexing is the absence of the 6-digit OTP after logging out. This deviation from the standard security procedure raises significant security concerns.

Security Code Changes:

After involuntary logouts, users are reporting changes in their security codes. This adds an extra layer of complexity and emphasizes the potential severity of the bug.

WhatsApp's Silence:

   Despite widespread user complaints, WhatsApp has not issued an official statement regarding the bug. Information from the support page suggests that automatic logouts might occur if a security issue is detected, though the exact cause remains unclear.

Linked Device Bug:

   Speculations point to the bug being linked to beta testing or a future feature similar to Telegram's logout functionality. Some users believe it may be related to device linking, occurring only on linked devices and not primary ones.

Security Measures:

   While an official solution is pending, users are advised to take proactive steps to secure their accounts. The recommended action is to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of protection.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication:

   - Navigate to WhatsApp settings.
   - Click on the 'Account' option.
   - Locate and activate 'Two-Step Verification.'
   - Set a secure 6-digit PIN during the process.
   - Remember the PIN, as it will be required for subsequent logins.

    In the absence of an immediate fix for the automatic logout bug, users are encouraged to prioritize their account security by implementing two-factor authentication. Stay tuned for updates from WhatsApp and remain vigilant to safeguard your personal information during these uncertain times.

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