Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Branch and Customs Department Unite to Combat Dark Web Drug Trafficking


 In an unceasing commitment to safeguard the nation's integrity, Ahmedabad City's Cyber Crime Branch and the Customs Department have remained resolute in their vigilance against illegal activities. Recently, their diligence uncovered a sinister plot aimed at luring India's youth into the clutches of narcotic addiction.

These vigilant departments have closely monitored the ever-evolving tactics employed by drug networks. During routine surveillance, a critical piece of intelligence emerged: drug peddlers were exploiting the dark web and various social media platforms to smuggle narcotics across borders.

Responding swiftly, a collaborative task force was established, resulting in the successful interception of numerous courier parcels. Upon further investigation, the shocking discovery was made – contraband containing 2.31 grams of Cocaine, valued at Rs. 2,31,000/-, and a staggering 5.970 kilograms of premium international cannabis, worth Rs. 46,08,015/- in the international market. The combined worth of the seized narcotics amounted to an eye-watering Rs. 48,39,015/-.

In response to this alarming development, a case was filed at the Ahmedabad City Cyber Crime Police Station under various sections of the N.D.P.S. Act and the I.T. Act on September 29, 2023. What sets this modus operandi apart is the ingenious concealment of narcotics within toys and dipped paper, rendering detection exceedingly difficult. Despite the challenges, investigators have made progress in identifying a few receivers, and the pursuit of justice continues unabated. The united efforts of these agencies serve as a beacon of hope in the fight against the insidious drug trade threatening India's future.

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