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Do you value flexibility and convenience regarding your mobile phone subscription? Fear not; Mobile Number Portability(MNP) offers precisely that- an easy switch between potential alternative network operators whilst retaining your old phone number.
MNP came into existence for two reasons- increased competition among carriers and improved customer satisfaction through multiple carrier options depending on consideration of pricing, network availability and quality of service.
Naturally the procedure of migration may vary based on region and your operating provider.
The essential steps include obtaining a Unique Porting Code(UPC) from the present carrier which will initiate the migration process with the new operator. The span of time this migratory process can take depends on several factors such as regulatory environments and geographical location.
It should be noted that temporary service disruptions could potentially affect your experience during porting; however. After completion.
Functionality resumes without issue under a new operator. Finally just keep in mind some carriers may levy costs like early termination fees or porting charges hence it is advisable to inquire about cost related matters from your present carrier before commencing operations regarding switching via MNP.

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